Welcome to Chell’s Charcuterie

My love for food and cooking developed when I realized it could make people smile or feel better; when something is done from the heart, it shows in the food you present! I am happy to offer Grazing Tables, Charcuterie Boards, Private Charcuterie Experiences, and a calendar of Public Classes as well!

The top view of a large Grazing Table arranged by hand to celebrate a new Class of 2023 Graduate

Impress your guests with our interactive Grazing Tables, crafted with care and attention to detail using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

Elevate your event with our stunning custom, made-to-order Charcuterie Boards, with a variety of packages available.

Public Classes

Discover the art of charcuterie and learn several tips and tricks to create your own board. A hands-on class experience will help elevate your board to the next level!

In-Home Experiences

Sharing my love of charcuterie with others is what brings me joy. With our private classes, we’ll bring the art of charcuterie to you, providing all the materials and knowledge you need!

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